Perth’s Best Southern Suburbs For First Home Builders

So you’ve finally done it – you’ve decided to build your first home in the thriving Perth area! While this is truly an exciting time in your life, it does come with some pretty important decisions. Where do you want to create your dream space? What lifestyle qualities are important to you? Do you need to be closer to the ocean, or is proximity to the CBD more important? Looking for a rustic vibe? Something more urban?


The beauty of living and building your first home in the Perth area is that there is a suburb for everyone and every family. Read on to learn more about our picks for the best southern suburbs for first home builders in Perth.


1. Baldivis

Annual median price: $375,000

Population: 31,653

The Baldivis suburb is fast becoming one of the most sought after property locations south of the river. The town centre is quite the bustling hub and continues to grow and expand – you’ll find medical facilities, dentists, gyms, shopping centres, cafes, and a great local pub called The Chase. There are even different pockets of Baldivis to suit different budgets, so you’ll find the right neighborhood for you. The Chimes is a popular area for first-time home builders.


2. Piara Waters

Annual median price: $488,000

Population: 9,116

Looking for some peace and quiet? Piara Waters is family-friendly and conveniently located just 24 km from the CBD on the Kwinana Freeway. There are plenty of great schools and new developments in the area and it is particularly sought after by young families. It’s known for its safety and great facilities, so you don’t need to venture far from home to find everything you need. The beloved Harrisdale shopping centre is nearby. So, if you’re looking to build your first home while preparing for some new little additions to your family, check out Piara Waters.


3. Byford

Annual median price: $380,000

Population: 14,908

Byford is an absolute gem for those looking for a more rustic feel. What used to be a small country town has turned into a very up-and-coming suburb that is highly sought after by first home builders! Somehow, it has managed to maintain that small-town country charm. You’ll see horses grazing in pastures as you drive on your daily commute, but exciting developments are constantly in the works here. You’ll find everything you need to shop and dine, including Aldi, Coles, and Woolworth’s and wonderful new eateries like the Byford Country Club and Lemas, while still maintaining the peaceful suburban life. This is a wonderful place to raise a family and one of the best suburbs to build in Perth if you want to be a bit closer to nature.


4. Wellard

Annual median price: $385,000

Population: 9,096

Wellard is another top choice if you want that small town, next-to-nature feeling, with birds twittering in the trees and friendly neighbors. You also have all the amenities right outside your door – the freeway, train stations, major and minor shopping centres, and plenty of parks to take the kids or dogs. It’s one of our top choices for suburbs to build your first home in Perth, and it’s only getting better. New stores, taverns, restaurants, and schools are always popping up, so you’ll always have options to choose from. There’s a lot of space for building here – consider Wellard if you want a taste of the country life.


5. Cockburn

 Annual median price: $454,000

Population: 1,260

This beautiful coastal suburb is renowned for its history and tourism. While it’s a big area for industrial agriculture and shipbuilding, it is also expanding to include many new shops, cafes, exercise facilities, and health centres. The railway station offers easy and convenient access to the city of Perth. If you’re looking for someplace a little more urban in which to build your first home, Cockburn could be the perfect choice for you and your family.


There you have it! We hope their round-up of the best southern suburbs in the Perth area for first time home builders provides a bit of guidance and clarity for your decision-making process. Remember to celebrate and cherish this time – the opportunity to build your first home only comes around once in a lifetime!

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